Bilder und mehr

Bilder und mehr

BEST.NIGHT.EVER Guys I'm not one to fangirl but I've been a fan of this guy since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Disney surprised me tonight and had him show up behind me while I was hosting the screening of #ThroughTheLookingGlass Special thanks to @disneyalice @dustinmsandoval @disney You guys really do make dreams come true ✨

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The Mad Hatter himself surprised @brittanyfurlan tonight at a special screening of Alice #ThroughTheLookingGlass!

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It was nice to have Jack Sparrow and Amber Heard dining with us yesterday. He's here filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 ☠ . . . #johnnydepp #AmberHeard #piratesofthecarribean #captainjacksparrow #jacksparrow #POTC5

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…great to have Johnny back @ the Garden #pirates5 #21jumpstreet 🍷

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My friends daughter is a #dental assistant at a practice that apparently has high profile clients. She polished #johnnydepp #teeth.

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About last night 👀 #jonnydepp #raffles #chelsea

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